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With RV rental, you can essentially do everything you'd do at a hotel or motel, but you are on wheels. You are basically taking your home with you. Most RV rentals are equipped with a refrigerator and stove. If you have another passenger along with you, you don't even have to worry about pulling off the road to find a bathroom, because you just need to switch drivers and go to the back of your vehicle to do your business.

RV rental options can be customized to meet your needs. Depending on how many people are going on the trip, you can rent a smaller or larger RV and save money on RV rental prices. You can also book a one way RV rental excursion and take a different form of transportation back home or to your new home.

Disadvantages Of RV Rental

The disadvantages of RV rental include RV rental insurance prices. Many car policies don't cover the cost of RV rental, or any damages that may arise from accidents, even though the policies would cover basic car rental issues of the same nature. This means you are likely to have to pay for RV rental insurance as part of your contract agreement. So, you may be paying money out of pocket for services that you may never actually use during your journey if you are a safe and conscientious driver.

Another disadvantage of RV rental is that you don't own the RV. Some RV rentals are non-smoking units which can raise problems if you smoke. Other RV rental units do not allow pets. If you are one of those families who considers your dog, cat, or bird part of the family, you may have to leave that particular family member at home. Some RV rental companies will allow pets, but there is a steep surcharge to cover potential damages. This is because animals often get upset or nervous inside moving vehicles. This can lead to bathroom issues which will leave odors that are difficult to remove from the RV interior, or to scratching and claw marks as frightened animals left outside cages run amuck inside the moving RV.

You really need to carefully read your rental RV contract to be certain it suits your needs. The contract should list any prohibited items that you cannot transport (such as pets) and list fees for damage, RV rental insurance, and any additional fuel or taxes that will be assessed. If you don't understand the contract, don't sign it.

What To Look For In An RV Rental

First, you want to find an RV rental that fits your price range. The next thing you should look for is a vehicle that will accommodate all your needs. For example, if someone you will be transporting is in a wheelchair, you will need to make sure the RV has an accessible bathroom and possibly a ramp. You also want to be certain that the RV rental has been well maintained. This means there are no foul smells, no obvious signs of rust, and that overall it looks clean and in shape. The last thing you need on an RV rental trip is to find out that the tires were worn to shreds, and you forgot to look so you have a blow out and an accident. Any discrepancies that you note when inspecting the RV should be listed on your contract agreement so you aren't hit with unexpected RV rental prices and RV rental insurance claims when you return the RV because of a ding or scratch you forgot to note on the paperwork.

Popular RV Rental Website

Cruise America RV Rental

At http://www.cruiseamerica.com/, you can learn about Cruise America RV Rental. They are one of the most popular nationwide RV rental locations with a website. Their compact RV has a capacity for sleeping a family of three. The next level up is their standard RV rental, which can sleep up to a family of five. Beyond that, the intermediate level RV rental can sleep a family of six, and the large RV rental can sleep up to seven members. Each model operates on a Ford V-8 or Ford V-10 engine for maximum power and a smooth ride.

Cruise America is considered the largest RV rental location in America. This is because they have more than one hundred and forty locations. This means that you can go one way or round trip to more than one hundred and forty destinations which allows you to plan some really awesome adventures regardless of what part of the nation you want to see. You can pick up at one location, and drop off at another within the Cruise America RV rental system.

Cruise America regularly offers hot deals on their website. These can be rental specials based on destination or location, or some other promotional factor. Cruise America also runs specials if you book your one way RV rental, or pay your RV rental prices ahead of time. By doing this, you can save up to twenty-five percent off the cost of our RV rental. At other times, Cruise America runs free RV rental insurance promotions or other specials, so it is always a good idea to check their website frequently if you are planning a vacation where you will need an RV rental. Sometimes, the savings can be quite significant and put more money in your pocket for other travel expenses.

A One Way RV Rental

A one way RV rental takes place when you only want to rent the vehicle for a one way trip. For example, you may be relocating to Florida for a winter stay in a condominium on the beach. However, you'd like to visit relatives along the way and want to have leisurely travel time. You could process an RV rental in your home state that would be dropped off at the same one way RV rental company's office in Florida. This way, you only pay for the cost of the one way trip, instead of round trip fees for the RV rental. Planning a one way RV rental can really knock down your RV rental out of pocket costs, and be a great way to enjoy necessary travel and make it into a vacation in itself.

Often, people will plan one way RV rental trips as part of a larger vacation. For example, you may want to take a cruise, or fly back from a destination. By renting an RV one way, you can extend the length of your vacation and use the time on the road to visit different attractions and features you wouldn't have been able to by using any other type of transportation. Then, when you reach your destination, you can turn in the keys and the RV and go on your cruise, or go to your hotel for the next leg of your journey. One way RV rental allows families and groups to customize their itinerary and maximize their travel dollars.

When you sign a contract for a one way RV rental, you want to make sure that you know exactly where the RV rental office on the other end of your journey is located and when they expect the RV rental to arrive. This is important because if you are late or delayed, you may incur additional fees for being tardy in the return of the RV. The reason for this is that the RV rental office is expecting that vehicle back at a specific time, and may have it reserved for use by another paying customer. If you are late in returning your RV rental, then the company can lose out on the RV rental sale, or may have to substitute another RV in its place which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

What's Included In RV Rental Prices

The terms of your RV rental agreement, including any fees and taxes, will vary depending on the rental agent you use. Typical costs include a daily rental fee, or in some cases, a weekly fee if you are using your RV rental for an extended timeframe. Additional costs may include fuel, taxes, and RV rental insurance if your own vehicle insurance policy does not cover RV rental prices and potential damage.

While you are traveling you may also encounter additional RV rental costs. These costs will usually involve parking your RV rental and staying overnight. Costs incurred at this leg of your journey will not be paid to the RV rental company, but rather to the campground or facility where you stay. There is usually a lot fee, and may be additional charges for dumping and disposal of waste, usage of shower facilities, and pool access if the area is equipped with a swimming pool for patron use.

Popular Rental RV Websites

USA RV Rentals

At http://www.usarvrentals.com/, you can find a rental RV to suit your travel needs. USA RV Rentals offers extensive online information about their RV rental programs including one way RV rental, RV rental insurance, and their different classes of vehicle available. The detailed information about each of their class A, B, and C RV rentals can help you determine exactly what you need for your vacation, trip, or relocation travel plans. USA RV Rentals also have RV rental prices available for diesel RV options. RV rental prices and availability vary by location, so USA RV Rentals has provided an easily searchable database determined by your geographical location. You can search by your city or your state.

You can book an online RV rental through USA RV rentals with their secure form. Online quotes and reservations remain valid for seven days. Each quote and reservation will break down all costs of RV rental including rental cost, insurance, and any other fees. There are no hidden fees, and the quotes are very transparent with detailed breakdowns that are easy to understand.

USA RV Rentals also accepts international RV reservations, which may include one way RV rental. An RV rental can be long term or short term whether you are an American renter, or come from international travel pathways. RV rental prices will vary depending on the location where you pick up your RV, the type of RV rental you choose, and the drop off location of your RV. RV rentals are customized to your itinerary, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your trip rather than having to worry about details that have been scheduled ahead of time.

Camping World RV Rentals

At http://www.campingworld.com/rvrentals/, you can find information about RV rental opportunities with Camping World RV Rentals. Camping World RV Rentals specializes in one way RV rental and specialized theme vacation trips. If you process an RV rental with Camping World RV Rentals, you can have the freedom to explore and travel on your own schedule. It is easy to plan your trip and reserve your RV with their handy online tools.

However, Camping World RV Rentals doesn't just want to hand you the keys and leave you baffled about how to drive a large RV when you're used to a small vehicle. Camping World RV Rentals makes sure that drivers are familiar with the operation of all the RV's major systems and operations before handing over the keys. This is part of their RV rental insurance. By training you in how to use the RV properly, there is less chance that you will accidentally damage the RV through misinformation or faulty operation.

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