Why Remodel an RV

One of the biggest reasons to do an RV remodel is to enhance the space that you spend so much time in. Whether you use your RV for recreation, or even to travel on business, you will want to have living quarters that are modern and convenient. Maybe your kitchen is old and hard to work in - a remodel can make your cooking needs much easier. Living quarters may be cramped, and remodeling can help make more storage space, thus creating more living space.

Other reasons for RV remodels are for the resell of the vehicle. Taking an older model RV and remodeling it with modern appliances can shoot up the value of the RV, making a nice profit for you when you sell it. Whatever the reason, remodeling your RV may be the best idea for you.

Make Use Of Available Space

There are many ways to perform an RV remodel to your vehicle. One way is to take advantage of the space that your RV already has. There may be many hidden spaces that you can utilize that will give you more room for storage, resulting in more room in general. Try above or below the cabinets that are already in your RV. If your RV is the fifth wheel kind, the stairs that lead up into the bedroom are hollow, and can easily be remodeled to store many smaller items. Subsequently, the areas under many beds in RV's are not used. This makes the perfect space to remodel into extra storage for clothes and such.

Don't forget the exterior of your RV, either. Replacing old fenders and vents, adding exterior lighting, and fixing steps can really enhance your recreational vehicle's appearance, and up the resell value if needed.

Areas Of Remodeling

Add in some drawers and cabinets in your kitchen and bedroom space to help utilize the space that is available for you. Many containers can be bought at stores that can fit quite nicely into the remodeling of your RV, saving you both space and money. Many people decide to remodel their RV by installing brand new linoleum floors in the kitchen or carpeting throughout the living areas.

Lighting is another area that many people improve when they remodel their RV. Extra lighting will make your RV more comfortable and inviting, and can enhance the appearance of your vehicle greatly. A good idea with lighting is to install one light that can run off of a generator, and one that can run off a battery. That way, you will have light no matter what your situation, also a great selling point.

Sketch Your Plans

Before you start your remodeling ideas of your recreational vehicle, sketch out your plans first. You will want to know exactly what you want, and whether it can be installed in your RV, as well as a price range. You may want to remodel your kitchen to make it more modern, your bedroom to make it more private, or your living area to make it roomier. You may want to remodel for extra storage space. Whatever the reason, remodeling your RV is a great way to fully enjoy your vehicle.

Before you begin your remodeling project, think about what you want. You will want to remodel for as little money as possible, yet use durable products that will last for years to come. Speak to your family about their wants and needs, as well.

DIY Or Professional?

Now that you have decided to start remodeling your RV, here is the big question. Should you do it yourself, or hire a professional? That answer mainly depends on your levels of expertise. Trying to remodel yourself will take lots of work, energy, and patience, but it will save you money in the long run. If you are good at the areas that you plan to remodel, such as kitchen cabinets, carpet laying, or electrical, then you may consider doing the project yourself.

However, if you would rather have a professional remodel your RV, you will be able to choose from many companies who specialize in this area. Check out www.nightriderrv.com on the Internet, or www.rvecafe.com for your professional RV remodeling experts. You can search the Internet to find many local places that you can get all your RV remodeling needs from, or ones that you can hire a professional from to do it for you. You can also check your local yellow pages for RV remodeling experts. Many carpenters can also do the same types of remodeling work in an RV as they do in a home, so do not rule them out as an option, either.

The Facts about an RV Remodel

Do you have an older RV? If so, you may be feeling frustrated by the wear and tear on the interior of the RV, by its dated appearance or lack of contemporary features. There is a solution. You can, just as you would a home, remodel your RV. As with home remodeling, an RV remodel allows you to modernize and update your RV, adding those features you always wished you'd had for much less than the cost of a new RV.

You can choose to remodel your RV if you use it as a full time home or just for vacations. The changes you make may be aesthetic or they might be functional. Perhaps you would prefer a table and chairs to the dinette or new flooring. You might want to reupholster the interior or wallpaper the walls of your RV. You may even be able to do some parts of your RV remodel yourself if you are handy and enjoy these sorts of projects. Done well, an RV remodeling project will even add value to your RV.

What Goes into an RV Remodel?

As with a home remodeling project, your RV remodel can be as simple or as involved a project as you like. You may need additional storage, want newer and more modern window treatments or need an all new interior. You can choose to make simple changes entirely on your own or opt for a professional RV remodel. Dealers offer some of the great products available in current new RV models allowing you to remodel your RV to look more like the ones available today. You can get new sofas, dinettes, captain's chairs and more for your RV remodel. To see some of the amazing results you can get with an RV remodel, take a look at http://www.customrvinteriors.com/main.cfm?action=interior.

Smart do it yourselfers online have offered some great suggestions for projects to remodel your RV. These include ideas for additional storage and making the most of your living space. Take a look at this great RV remodel project which allowed full use of underbed storage space at http://www.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com/rvbed.html. Another great DIY RV remodel project is this pantry upgrade at http://www.rv-boondocking-the-good-life.com/rvpantry.html.

Tips If You Remodel your RV

For an list of things you may want to consider changing or keep in mind when you begin to remodel your RV, see http://ezinearticles.com/?Remodeling-Your-RV-Ten-Things-to-Remember & amp;id=466590.

First, think function. While a plush interior may seem lovely, choose materials that are comfortable, durable and easy to care for when you remodel your RV. If you have pets that travel with you, consider their needs as well when choosing materials You should also think about the functional use of space. Do you need storage space for DVDs, more counter space, or perhaps a garbage disposal? Handling these needs is a good first step when considering an RV remodel.

Once functional considerations are out of the way, make a plan. Perhaps you've seen a new RV you loved, a picture from a magazine, or even just sketched out an idea. Regardless, having a plan will help you make the most of the time you spend when you remodel your RV.

Modern options can work great in an RV, like a flat screen TV, laptop computer, and other space saving new options that are designed for widespread use as opposed to just RVs. Clearing up space once occupied by other items can help free additional room for storage and everyday living.

How Much to Remodel your RV?

Obviously the costs associated with remodeling your RV will depend upon the sort of RV remodel you choose and the materials you choose. RV remodeling projects can be quite affordable, or may be very costly. Some RVs can even support high end materials typically found in site built homes like hardwood and ceramic tile. A good RV remodel firm can typically do the actual work on your RV in under a week, including the replacement of flooring and installation of new fixtures, like sofas, recliners and captain's chairs. You should keep in mind that there will be a window of time, as with many furniture purchases, between placing the order and the delivery of your new RV furniture.

When looking for someone to work on your RV remodel, choose an experienced firm that has done many RV remodeling projects. They need to understand the special issues and concerns, including weight and space that are involved in an RV remodel for the best end result. Ask around and you're sure to find recommendations for the best RV remodel options from others who have chosen this exciting lifestyle.

You might also consider investing in a great book on RV remodeling before you begin making your home on wheels the best it can be. http://www.themotorbookstore.com/9780976929017.html is one great option. Taking advantage of the experiences of others can help you make smart choices as you remodel your RV.

Great RV Appliances

While visiting just about anywhere through this exceptionally enjoyable combined method of travel and lodging, many people choose to cook outside on a grill or over an open camp fire, but there are times that a more traditional oven, stovetop or range might be more convenient to prepare your food. With campgrounds and RV Parks situated from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between, those who choose to see the world in an RV have found a fun way to discover new people, places and things.

Magic Chef ®

RV indoor space can be limited, especially in the food preparation area, but fortunately, Magic Chef ® has a fantastic line of cooking appliances that not only fit in the tightest of spaces, they work exceptionally well and are extremely reliable. From the Magic Chef ® RV range to the Magic Chef ® oven made specifically for your RV, you will find a Magic Chef ® RV stove to suit your needs and your budget.

Magic Chef ® Options

The Magic Chef ® Oven RV is available in a variety of sizes, including both a 16 inch and 22 inch size. Both sizes are available with 3 burners for Magic Chef ® RV range stovetop cooking and feature a convenient drop in design. The 16 inch Magic Chef ® Oven RV is available in a variety of colors, including bisque or black to match or compliment your RV décor. Electronic touch pad technology and a variety of colors and sizes provide both convenience and style. In addition, you can purchase a Magic Chef ® RV stove with gas or electric heating elements, dependent upon the type of connection you currently have installed in your RV or plan to install to accommodate a Magic Chef ® Oven RV.

Locating a Vendor

Finding a Magic Chef ® RV range part is not difficult should your Magic Chef ® Oven RV need replacement parts or repair, which is unlikely due to their high reliability and dependability rating. However, should you find yourself in this unlikely situation, all you would need to do is log on to your personal computer, and enter terminology such as 'magic chef rv range', 'magic chef ® oven rv', 'magic chef ® rv stove', or 'magic chef ® rv range part' into any search engine, such as Google, or Ask.com and you will find many RV dealers and RV appliance parts dealers that can fulfill your need quickly and inexpensively. Even using a search engine to query 'food rv' will result in the return of several highly rated Magic Chef ® Oven RV appliance and appliance parts dealers.

For more information of Magic Chef ® Appliances, visit: http://www.magicchef.com/home.jsp

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